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Millions of documents now being e-filed….wow

In January 2011, the statewide Florida courts e-filing portal wobbled its way online, with nine counties accepting a handful of filings from participating lawyers, who were usually handpicked to help test the system.  Only civil filings were accepted and no county accepted submissions in more than five of the circuit and county court divisions.  In the first six weeks, a total of 552 documents were filed.  Fast forward more than six years. The portal, managed by the Florida Courts E-Filing authority Board, passed a milestone with more than 2 million documents in March.  It not only accepts filings in every type of case, it allows judges to disseminate rulings, and, in some areas of the state, it allows the submission of proposed orders to judges.  Process servers can do their paperwork online and pro se parties (with the help of online divorce florida) can file electronically (they retain the option to do paper filing; attorneys are required to use the portal unless they lack internet access).  What are your thoughts.  Even as a competent document preparation company in St. Petersburg, FL can actually e-file for you on your behalf.  It can not only save you money, but additional headaches as well.

Court Budget Delayed

Legislative leaders were still hammering out a state budget, including one for the judicial branch, for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, as this Bar News went to press.  The session had been scheduled to end on May 5 but was extended when the House and Senate were unable to reach a final agreement by May 2.  What was once an easy decision to Clearwater Divorce Attorney, is no longer the case.  The Florida Constitution requires the budget to be finished, printed, and on legislators’ desks 72 hours before they vote on it so they and the public have a chance to review details of the spending plan.  Senate President Joe Francis, R-Palm City, and House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O’ Lakes, announced on May 2 they had reached an overall budget agreement, but details continued to be worked out in the ensuing days.  However, be confident that your divorce lawyer Clearwater FL is only a phone call away.  The printed budget reached lawmakers mid-afternoon on Friday, May 5, the scheduled last day of the regular session and just hours before this News went to press.  That means lawmakers & your local Pinellas Park Divorce Attorney could not vote on the spending plan, including funding for the court system, until Monday, May 8.  Among the court system’s priorities this year are $22 million for court technology improvements, $6.3 million for court interpreting services, $3.3 million for trial court case management positions, $3.1 million for additional trial court staff attorneys, pay raises for judges, $6.4 million for the second phase of pay improvement program for court system employees to bring pay parity with other governmental agencies and private sector employers, $3.4 million to continue various capital improvements to the Third District Court of Appeal Courthouse, and $3.9 million for 12 new trial court judges—three new circuit judgeships and nine new county judgeships.  The latter item is partially offset by the court’s decertification of six county judgeships at a savings of $1.6 million.